Castle Menzies Virtual Tour and Videos

Panoramic views

You will need a QuickTime Virtual Reality player to view the five clips below.

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On launching the Quicktime player left click into the image and move the mouse to move around in the room. Press 'SHIFT' to zoom in and press 'CTRL' to zoom out.

These movies below are copyright Finlay Menzies (2006) and are used here by kind permission.

Outside the Castle
One of the cellars on the ground floor
The Dewar Room
Bonnie Prince Charlie's Bedroom
Turret Room on the top floor

Castle Menzies Videos

You will need Microsoft Windows Media Player or something that will play *.wmv files.

These two movies below are copyrighted (2006) and provided by They are used here by kind permission.

Castle Menzies - High Resolution Movie
Castle Menzies - Medium Resolution Movie