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Castle Menzies is a spectacular sixteenth century Scottish castle, restored during the twentieth century by the Menzies Clan Society. Architecturally fascinating, it is a splendid Renaissance example of the transition in Scottish castles from earlier rugged Highland fortresses to later mansion houses.

We are delighted to have been chosen as the 3rd best castle in Scotland by The Times newspaper (August 2023).

The Castle was the seat of the Chiefs of Clan Menzies for over 500 years.  Situated in a strategic location, it was involved in much of the turbulent history of the Highlands.  During the second Jacobite rising the Castle first hosted both Bonnie Prince Charlie, who rested on his way to Culloden in 1746 and then, just four days later, the Duke of Cumberland, son of the British Monarch and commander of the Government forces.

Rescued as a ruin in 1957 by the then recently re-formed Menzies Clan Society, the Castle has been lovingly restored by generations of Society members and was placed into a charitable trust in 1993.  It is open to all as a visitor attraction, museum, Clan centre for the Menzies Clan and venue for weddings, concerts and other hire.  We use all proceeds  exclusively for our continued restoration and maintenance of the Castle, its Walled Garden and the Old Kirk of Weem.

A Castle to really explore!

Because it has been restored from a semi-ruin, you will find Castle Menzies much less furnished and decorated than most other Scottish castles you may visit.  We have stripped it back to its 16th century stonework in most places.  As a result, you get a much better feel for how it was built and what it's made of.  Instead of plush carpets and furniture, you will find stone walls, shot holes, original timbers and lots of fascinating details.

You are also able to explore almost every room in the Castle.  You are not herded round by a guide but instead allowed to roam freely where you like.

Visitors tell us they love the quirky nature of our castle and its contents, the result of decades of contributions by our volunteers.

So expect something different and very authentic.

The Castle Menzies SCIO

The Castle Menzies SCIO is a registered charity under charity number SC051439 and regulated by OSCR. The Castle Menzies SCIO (TCMS) owns and maintains Castle Menzies and its associated property for the benefit of the nation.

TCMS is a separate body from the Menzies Clan Society, although the two organisations do have close links.


Click here for further information on the history of the Castle.

Saving and restoring Castle Menzies

The Castle and the Old Kirk of Weem were saved from ruin and lovingly restored through the hard work, commitment and enthusiasm of members of the Menzies Clan Society, led by Dr A D (Bill) Dewar (1915 - 2010).  It is because of their efforts that you are able to visit it today.

Click here for a history of the restoration.

Visit us

If you are thinking of visiting the Castle, go to our Visit us page.  To avoid disappointment, please check the opening dates and times carefully.  The best way is to call us on +44 (0)1887 820982.

Weddings & hire

If you are thinking of hiring the Castle for an event, go to our Weddings & hire pages.


The Castle and TCMS are self-financing through visitor admissions, hire revenue and generous donations from members of the public.  We currently receive no grants or public funding.  Therefore please consider making a donation!

You can donate towards the upkeep of Castle Menzies through our JustGiving page.  To make a donation, please click here or use the button immediately below.

For information on tax-efficient giving, see our Charity page.  If you would like to make regular donations, see our Friends of Castle Menzies page.

Menzies Clan Society

The Menzies Clan Society maintains very close links with TCMS.  It is now TCMS which owns or maintains the Castle and its associated properties.

Learn more about the Menzies Clan Society by clicking here.  The Society's website is full of information on our clan, its history and ways in which you can be involved.  Castle Menzies remains the Society's clan centre and a very enjoyable Menzies Clan Gathering takes place here every August.

The Clan Gregor Society

We are also very pleased to host the Clan Gregor Society's clan museum at Castle Menzies.  For more information click here.

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