Leave a bequest to The Castle Menzies SCIO in your will and help protect Castle Menzies and its associated properties for decades to come.

The legacies we receive from members of the Clan Menzies and other well-wishers have proved vital in allowing us to continue the much-needed restoration of Castle Menzies, the Old Kirk and our Walled Gardens. The generousity of those making a will is always greatly appreciated and treasured.

If you, an executor or your solicitors wish to contact us, please do so using the form on this page or write to:

The Treasurer, The Castle Menzies SCIO, Warden's Cottage, Castle Menzies, Weem, Aberfeldy, Perthshire PH15 2JD, U.K.

If you would like to leave a bequest to us in your will, please feel free to contact the trustees using this form:

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